Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Violet Beauregard

Elise on Halloween...and a letter from her mother.

So this morning was Elise’s Halloween parade at school.

"I was really hoping she wouldn’t want to be a princess this year…I have been trying very hard to steer her away from such foof.

Much to my joy, she decided that she wanted to be Violet Beauregard from the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Theeennn, I realized that I would have to make the costume. No problem. Only took me ‘till 8:15 this morning.

Elise had a rough morning because she didn’t want to walk in the school parade. When we got to her classroom, she had a total meltdown, rolling on the floor, most of her blue face rubbed off on the carpet, etc. She refused to wear her blueberry suit. I said, “No problem, Dear, whatever makes you comfortable! “ smile, smile…

I went to the gym to wait for the parade, mildly fuming.

One of her teachers was able to convince her to dress up and helped Elise suit up.

Too bad for the teacher she didn’t quite know how the homemade contraption was supposed to look. Elise was a bit…off-center.

Not to mention her wig was itching, so she pushed it halfway back on her head.

It must have been itching her nose as well, since she made scrunch-nosed faces throughout the parade.

Back in her classroom it was time for a group photo.

Elise was standing up front and was blocking some of the other children. Her teacher asked her to sit down, and she fell/rolled!

Everyone laughed (including me…it was just so funny!) and she hid her head like a turtle. After some coaxing and coaching from her teacher, all was well.

Enjoy the photos. She was so cute, as was Miles, and I win for “worst (and I think “only”) homemade costume of the year”!

Hopefully tonight’s Trick-or-Treat performance will go better.