Sunday, March 04, 2007

Heather and Eli

I often wake up on Sunday mornings thinking about who I need to call that I haven't talked to in awhile. For my ripe age of 32, I have had very few girl friends. Under five, to be exact. This is Heather Davidoff. She lives in Granville, Ohio, where we grew up. I met her when I was 18, home on Christmas break from college. We spent the enitre break together. By day she worked our shitty jobs - me in layaway at Hills department store, Heather as a Server at Red Lobster. At night we hung out at her apartment, living on grilled cheese, tomato soup, and beer, making every kind of christmas cookie we could think of, and listening to Dead Shows over and over. Occasionally, her gamer roomate Brian Dumm would put in some Moody Blues and sing, so we would retreat to her bedroom, locking out the roomate and her loser boyfriend, Riedel, who was permanently pickled, and color with a 64 count box of crayolas with a sharpener. Once, a captain crunch fight (with crunch berries) started when we emerged from the bedroom, and we were cleaning it up for weeks.
I was dating this guy code named "Slinky" who was 6'7" and weighed 150 soaking wet, thus the nickname. He was the sweetest guy ever, and he got me midnight blue velvet Chuck Taylors for Christmas, but as much as I tried, I couldn't be atrracted to him. When I graduated from College, I went to visit him at Yellowstone.
Heather is married now, to one of the twin brothers who used to run into at high school parties. She has a wonderful life, lives in the country, and has a great marriage to Adam and an adorable son, Eli, who likes to eat apples from the tree in their back yard. I took this picture on a visit to Ohio last fall.


Double C said...

Has anyone told you that you have a really nice blog?

Anonymous said...

A beautiful photo and a great story. luv, ronstadt

goldringer said...

look at the baby...look at the baby...look at the baby....Its all about the baby