Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wine Log - 2003 Terra del Grico Rosso

It's food and wine blog month for Jen and Nat....and I am a day late. I am an admitted addict to Facebook. When I should have been working on this blog, I was taking the "What kind of dog are you?" quiz. A Maltese? WTF? I generally think of myself as a terrier. I think the blond hair threw it off.

I purchased this bottle of wine at the Puget Consumer's Co-op a few months back. The person in charge of choosing wine for this place is brilliant. They find these amazing little vineyards who make small lots and somehow can negotiate criminal prices with the distributor. Probably because they can only get a few cases. So here I am swooning over this little Italian gem, but the last glass is bittersweet...I'm sure the co-op has already sold the last bottle.

But wait....the internet to the rescue! I just found this fabulous website where you and your friends can log wine. I am normally a fan of keeping a notebook for such things, as I love pen and paper, but this is more practical. As with most Italian wines, I cannot tell by looking at the label which words are the grape, the vineyard, the blend, etc.....the year is all I understand.
Problem Solved...just go to
... type in some of the jibberish, and it sorts it all out for you, while keeping a log of your wines. Sometimes it even has a picture, but this one was too obscure.

This one was an easy drinker.....not my usual "type", as I love big oaky reds, but it had this concord grape essence to it without the sugar that I loved....

I almost never love anything that comes from Italy...most I've experienced remind me of getting the vinegary Easter egg dye in my mouth as a child. This was an exception, and I look forward to many more.

I also just discovered that photographing wine bottles is an art that I have yet to perfect....something else to work on this month.

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